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Exceeding Your Expectations

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Next Level Service

  • Fabrication

Fabrication of countertops, POP displays, furniture and the like. If you dream it, we can build it. 

  • Installation

Elite crew of trained professionals that install thin gauged porcelain tile in residential or commercial settings. MSM has put more employees through thin tile certification than anyone in the US. We also do the installation of traditional tiles.

  • Production

We make custom backsplashes and showers for the RV industry, commercial, and residential applications

  • Invisacook​

We sell and install Invisacook units.  We also makes portable units to take anywhere. ​


  • Shower Systems

We manufacture pre-fab porcelain showers for the RV industry or anywhere there is a need. We also manufacture portable showers.

  • Counters And Tables

MSM counter tops and table tops are a full replacement system for other materials used today in the residential, commercial kitchen, and hospitality world.

  • Sell and install kitchen cabinets and vanities.

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